Test “Free Time”. 5 класс.

1. Mr. Porter’s hobby is….   .

a) read fiction      b) reading fiction      c) reads fiction     d) to reads fiction    e) to reading fiction

2. “to go in for smth.” means  ……

a) идти за чем-либо         b) идти назад          с) заниматься чем-либо      d) идти вперед

е) идти куда-либо

3. My sister can play…….   .

a) piano           b) in the piano             c) on the piano        d) the piano       e) at the piano

4. Every Saturday we go to the chess club and play….   .

a) chess          b) in the chess          c) on chess           d) the chess            e) at chess

5. Choose the odd word. ( Выбери лишнее слово)

a) flute           b) violin             c) exhibition               d) guitar             e) piano

6. ………… wrote a book about Tom Sawer.

a) Jack London                b) William Shakespeare        c) James Hadley Chase

d) Agatha  Christie           e) Mark Twain

7. …….wrote stories about the North .

a) Jack London            b) William Shakespeare           c) James  Hadley  Chase

d) Agatha Christie        e) Mark Twain

8.You can see……………..in Tretyakov Gallery.

a) paintings and sculptures      b) dramas and fiction       c) revues and shows

d) classical and folk instruments        e) flutes and violins

9. Rob …..a long poem yesterday.

a) wrote          b) write             c) is writing         d) writed         e) writes

10. …..they ….tennis every day?

a) Did…played          b) Does..play       c) Do…play    d) Are….playing      e) Is …playing

11. Mary…….to London in 1999.

a) goed               b) goes              c) is going           d) go               e) went

12. Choose the correct question to the sentence . (Выбери правильный вопрос к предложению).

Mother bought tickets three days ago.

a) Does mother buy tickets three days ago?     b) Do mother buy tickets three days ago?

c) Did mother buy tickets three days ago?       d) Bought mother tickets three days ago?

e) Is mother buying tickets three days ago?

13. Choose the sentence in Past Simple.

a) He read the newspaper two minutes ago.    b) He is reading a newspaper.

c) He often  reads newspapers in the morning.

d) He was reading  newspapers at 5 .            e) He has already read this newspaper.

14. Did you go to the museum last Thursday?-……..

a)Yes, I do.        b) Yes, I am.      c) Yes, I go.      d) Yes, I did.            e) Yes, I didn’t.

15.  These boys never……their granny.

a) are visiting         b) visits         c) visiting           d) visit            e) is visiting

16. We …a lot of stamps last year.

a) collected               b) collect             c) collects           d) collecting      e) are collecting

17.  ……she……at the moment?

a) Does…paint       b) Is…..painting             c) Do….paint          d) Did….paint    e) Did…sang

18. He…….in the theatre last week.

a) was         b) is            c) were                  d) are                  e) am

19. Jane and Kate……at home last night.

a) was         b) is           c) were                   d) are               e) am

20. Where…….you    a month ago?

a) was       b) is              c) are               d) am                e) were



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