Тест 4


Fill the gaps in the pairs of sentences with an appropriate word from the column on the right.


a. The advert doesn’t last more than twenty seconds. 
b. It took her two years to write the book. take/last

1. a. Can this artist design a new ______?
b. Their _________ is very clever: short, funny and memorable. logo/slogan
2. a. Have you read the _______ about the meeting?
b. The company has a new TV ________. advert/notice
3. a. They’ve managed to ______ a memorable slogan for their product.
b. They’ve _______ a new kind of medicine. invent/make up
4. a. I _______ him to get his hair cut.
b. You will never ______ me that distant education is our future. persuade/convince
5. a. Tobacco ________ isn’t allowed on television.
b. This politician gets a lot of bad ______ in the press. advertising/publicity
6. a. What _____ is your new car?
b. What ______ of coffee do you prefer? make/brand

Key: 1. a. logo, b. slogan; 2. a. notice, b. advert; 3. a. make up, b. invented; 4. a. persuaded, b. convince; 5. a. advertising, b. publicity; 6. a. make, b. brand


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