Test “So many countries, so many customs”.5 класс.

1. “The Union Jack” is the flag of….  .

a) Russia       b) the USA        c) England         d) Great Britain      e) Canada

2. The largest country in the world is….  .

a) Russia       b) the USA        c) England         d) Great Britain      e) Canada

3. The Great Fire in London was in ….  .

a) 1666       b) 1766               c) 1756           d) 1566                    e) 1676

4. The centre of London is…..   .

a) the Tower       b) the East End       c) the City       d) the West End      e) the South End

5. In Trafalgar Square you can see a monument of….   .

a) Jeorge Washington     b) John Kennedy      c) William the Conqueror

d) Juri Dolgoruki            e) Admiral Nelson

6. The name of the first ship that sailed from England to America was…..   .

a) “Roseflower”       b) “Mayflower”       c) “Octoberflower”          d) “ Snowflower”

e) “Sunflower”

7. The first president of the USA was …..    .

a) Bush          b) Dixon          c) Kennedy         d) Washington          e) Nixon

8. The capital of the USA is…..   .

a) New York       b) Washington, D.C.     c) Washington      d) London       e) Brighton

9. The Guy Fawkes day is on the ….of  November .

a) 5th b) 6th c) 10th d) 1st e) 12th

10. The traditional food on Maslenitsa is……  .

a) porridge       b) roast turkey        c) bacon and eggs        d) pancakes      e) hamburgers

11. ………discovered America in 1492.

a) James Cook       b) George Washington      c) Admiral Nelson

d)  Christopher Columbus       e) John  Kennedy

12. The symbol of England is…..    .

a) a thistle        b) a mayflower          c) a rose              d) a dragon              e) a sunflower

13. The capital of Great Britain is….. .

a) Washington      b) London           c) Cardiff            d) Belfast             e) Edinburgh

14. The White Tower built…..  .

a) William the Conqueror   b) Christopher Columbus    c) John Kennedy

d) James Cook        e) Admiral Nelson

15. George Washington was born in America, state …..   .

a) Washington      b) Virginia        c) Vermont         d) Texas         e) Massachusetts

16.James Cook was ….  .

a) a writer        b) an actor      c) a general        d) a scientist       e) a discoverer

17. Great Britain consists of ….parts.

a) 5                 b) 2                     c) 4                 d) 6                  e) 3

18. The American flag is often called…..  .

a) The Union Jack        b) The Red Dragon      c) The Stars and Stripes

d) The White Eagle   e) The Black Eagle

19. The first colonists started the tradition of….   .

a) Halloween         b) Independence Day          c) Memorial Day

d) Thanksgiving Day                e) New Year’s Day

20. The keepers of the Tower carefully look after…….    .

a) ravens          b) rats           c) mice             d) visitors            e) crows



Form  5             Lesson 6    “World around us”


1. The Australian speak……

a) English              b) American           c) French          d) Australian          e) German

2. My brother can lift the box  because of his…..  .

a) strong                b) stronger            c) strength          d) strength              e) the strongest

3. Is spring a……….season?

a) warmer             b) warmth            c) warm             d) warmest       e) more warmer

4. The mountains…….two continents.

a) explore         b) set               c) continue             d) use                e) separate

5. The capital of the United States is….

a) New York       b) Canberra       c) Ottawa            d) Washington D.C .   e) London

6. The largest country in the world is…..   .

a) The USA         b) Australia         c) China          d) Canada            e) Russia

7. If a child is……., he always asks questions.

a)  curious          b) lazy               c) clever               d) strong             e) foreign

8. “……..” means at the present time, in these days.

a) yesterday           b) nowadays         c) tomorrow       d) the day before yesterday

e) the day after tomorrow

9. Antonym for the word “ rise” is

a) get up          b) set           c) use              d) act               e) continue

10. ……..travels in unknown lands for the purpose of discovery.

a) A butcher         b) A tailor         c) A baker            d) An explorer          e) A grocer

11. Choose the right variant of the translation of this sentence:

She used to have long hair.

a) У нее длинные волосы.               b) Она использует накладные волосы.

c) Когда-то у нее были длинные волосы.  d) Она хочет иметь длинные волосы.

е) Она отращивает волосы.

12. Robert…….on the phone at 2.45 yesterday.

a) speaks            b) is speaking        c) was speaking         d) has spoken         e) will speak

13. Andrew and Ann …….to the music at the moment.

a) are listening        b) were listening          c) listen         d) have listened     e) listens

14. They ……football when their mother……  .

a) were playing/were coming        b) play/ come        c) are playing/ came

d) were playing/came             e) was playing/came

15. I…….this book yet.

a) don’t read         b) am not reading     c) wasn’t reading      d) didn’t read       e) haven’t read

16. While Nick…….in the mountains, Teddy …..in the ocean.

a) was skiing /was swimming      b) was skiing/were swimming     c) were skiing/were swimming

d) was skiing/swam                     e) skied /was swimming.

17. Choose the right question to the underlined word in the sentence:

Cousins were watching  a feature film on TV at  17 o’clock yesterday.

a) What do cousins do at 17 o’clock yesterday?

b) What were cousins doing at 17 o’clock yesterday?

c) Who was watching a feature film on TV at 17 o’clock yesterday?

d) What did cousins do at 17 o’clock yesterday?  e) When did cousins watch a feature film ?

18. …..most people…. by plane nowadays?

a) Does.. travel    b) Has….travelled    c) Do….travel   d) Were….travelled   e) Was…..travelling

19. Was he reading at 5 o’clock yesterday?-……..

a) Yes, he is.          b) Yes, he has.       c) Yes, he did.    d) Yes, he was.   e) Yes, he were.

20. Have you bought a new flat?-………….

a) Yes,I am.       b) Yes, I have.     c) Yes, I do       d) Yes, I did.        e) Yes, I has.

Form 5                 Lesson 8


1. We need……fruit and vegetables.

a) and         b) both          c) neither      d) nor                e) or

2. She knows …….Geography  nor History.

a) and        b) both         c) neither          d) nor             e) or

3. Synonym for the word “high” is….  .

a) deep      b) save        c) tall          d) fresh              e) hide

4. I like to be in a……air.

a) deep     b) high         c) tall         d) fresh              e) hide

5. My house is …..the shop and the theatre.

a) among        b) long          c) between        d) along          e) across

6. I read……adventures…..fiction.

a) neither..or        b) neither….nor       c) or….either     d) either…nor     e) or…or

7. The river is 3 metres…….  .

a) fresh         b) tall         c) smart           d) high             e) deep

8. Paris is….the largest  cities in the world.

a) among        b) long        c) between           d) along            e) across

9. Do you like to play…..-and-seek?

a) high        b) deep           c) save              d) fresh           e) hide

10. The firemen…..the woman from the burning house.

a) saved        b) explored     c) set        d) found               e) used

11. They……in new flat three weeks ago.

a) were moving         b) moved          c) move            d) moves          e) have moved

12. The boys…..,when  their father came in.

a) fight      b) fought       c) fights     d) were fighting         e) are fighting

13. While Nelly……..to her cousin, I……a letter.

a) spoke/was writing      b) was speaking/was writing   c) was speaking/wrote

d) was speaking/write       e) speak/was writing

14. They….already…this work.

a) were…exploring       b) was…exploring     c) have… explored     d)has… explored

e) are …exploring

15. When Jane was little she………

a) use to cry       b) used to cry       c) used crying          d) used cry     e) used to cried













































Тест составлен на базе учебника Верещагиной И.Н. и Афанасьевой О.В.

Автор: Дашкевич И.В.


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