Контрольная работа по чтению. HE WRONG BUS



A Japanese businessman had a big surprise last Sunday when he got the wrong bus to the airport and missed his flight.

Zenko Kajiyama, 32, went to Waverley station to catch the bus to Edinburgh airport. He had a meeting the next day in London and he wanted to catch the evening flight. When he saw a silver bus marked Club Class he got on it. Unfortunately the bus was for people going to a birthday party.

The people on the bus helped Mr Kajiyama with his bags and found him a seat. He thought he was on the right bus until they stopped at a pub and everyone got off. They asked Mr Kajiyama to join their party and so he followed them into the pub. When he looked at his watch he saw it was too late and that he had missed his plane. At first he was very worried, but then he decided to stay in the pub. He had a drink and danced to the music with the other members of the party. In the end he went back to the house of one of his new friends and he slept on the sofa. The next morning he took a taxi to the airport and flew to London, but he was too late for his meeting.


1.  Mark the sentences T (True) or F (False).

1               Mr Kajiyama wanted to catch the bus to London.


2               He wanted to go to a party in London.

3               The Club Class bus didn't go to the airport.


4               Mr Kajiyama went to the pub.


5                He didn't catch his plane.


6               In the end he enjoyed the party.


7               He slept in the airport.


8               He didn't go to his meeting in London.


2. Complete the sentences with these words.


lonely       draw      stressful      holiday       every day       in a hurry


1               Artists are people who   ___ and paint pictures.

2               I don't have breakfast when I'm___.

3               David has 28 days of___ every year.

4               My father drinks four cups of coffee___   .

5               My boyfriend has a very___ job.

6               People who work at home are sometimes___.


3.  Order the words to make sentences.

EX: has / boyfriend / rich / Cathy / a                    Cathy has a rich boyfriend.

1. expensive / drives / Jack / car / an

2. a / house / live / parents / in / very / My / big

3. don't / days / like /1 / wet

4. children / hair / have / Paula's / fair


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