Контрольная работа по чтению. 6 класс.




Spring  and summer are very sunny in the south. The sun shines brightly and it is usually very hot. The temperature in summer is about thirty-thirty five degrees above zero and even more in many places. But when the sky becomes cloudy and a strong wind begins to blow from the sea, it is cool.

In late autumn and in winter the weather is usually rainy. In winter it doesn’t often snow and the snow doesn’t lie on the ground for a long time.

Grass, trees, flowers and vegetables grow very well in the south.

The swimming season on The Black Sea coast lasts from the end of  May to November.



  1. 1. Find in the text.

1)     лежать на земле

2)     прохладно

3)     с конца

4)     и даже больше

5)     дождливая

6)     выше нуля


  1. 2. Here are some statements. Are they TRUE or FALSE?

1)     The temperature in summer is about 40-45 degrees above zero.

2)     In late  autumn the weather is usually rainy.

3)     The swimming season on the Black Sea coast lasts from the end of November to May.

4)     There is little snow in winter.

5)     Vegetables don’t grow well in the south.


  1. 3. Make up sentences from these words.

/                we/ to/ south/ go/ the/ summer/ in/


  1. 4. Put 5 types of questions.

Sam plays snowballs in winter.




*strong wind- сильный ветер

*coast- побережье

*snowball- снежок




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