cultural test. Культура и традиции

Cultural Enter Test

1) London is more than … centuries old.

a) 10;  b) 20; c) 25.


2) The Houses of Parliament was used as …

a) a royal residence;  b) a parliament house;  c) a royal residence and a parliament house.


3) Westminster Abby is …

a) a national shrine where the kings and the queens are crowned.

b) the largest Protestant Church;

c) a remarkable example of modern architecture.


4) St. Paul’s Cathedral was built by…

a) Edward the Confessor;  b) Sir Christopher Wren;  c) William the Conqueror.


5) The Tower of London has been used as …

a) an observatory and a state prison;

b) a royal palace and an arsenal.

c) a royal palace, an observatory, an arsenal, a state prison, and a museum.

6)     The oldest university in Britain is…

a)Cambridge;   b) Oxford;  c) Durham.


7)     Students have been coming to Oxford for…

a) 200 years;   b) 500 years;   c) 800 years.


8)     Oxford University is a federation of…

a)25 colleges;  b) 35 colleges;   c) 45 colleges


9)     Some notices at the university Library are written in

a)French;   b) Greek;   c) Latin.


10) A traditional English breakfast is a very big meal:

a) pork with gravy, cream tea, bacon;

b) fish & chips, lamb;

c) sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms;

11) Nowadays many people just have…

a) muesli and toasts;

b) cereal with milk and sugar, or toast with marmalade;

c) bacon and eggs.


12)  The traditional breakfast drink is …

a) juice;

b) coffee with milk and sugar;

c) tea with cold milk.

13) School children can take a snack from home -

a) a sandwich, a drink, some fruit, and perhaps some crisps.

b) roast chicken;

c) some fruit and chocolate.


14)  Marmalade is made from…

a) oranges;   b) other fruit;   c) apples.


15)  Tea means two things. It is …

a) a drink with scones;    b) a big meal;  c) a drink and a meal.


16)  The British like food from other countries too, especially…

a) Russian and Ukraine;

b) Chinese, German and French;

c) Indian, Italian, French, Chinese.


17) On Sundays many families have … for lunch.

a) roast meat with potatoes, vegetables, and gravy;

b) borsch  and fried potatoes;

c) cereal, chocolate and honey.


. 18) International football matches (like the Cup final and others) take place in…

a) Wembley (a stadium in North London)

b) Derby at Epson

c) Wimbledon (a suburb to the South of London).


19)  All-England Lawn Tennis Championships are held in July in…

a) Wembley (a stadium in North London)

b) Derby at Epson

c) Wimbledon (a suburb to the South of London).


20) The most famous flat race is …

a) Wembley (a stadium in North London)

b) Derby at Epson

c) Wimbledon (a suburb to the South of London).


21) Hatfield House is a very old aristocratic home that you…

a)     can visit (it's a museum and no one lives here nowadays);

b)     can't visit because it's private property;

c)     can visit (in spite of owners living there ).


22) A very famous person lived Hatfield House  in the childhood:

a) James the First; b) Queen Elizabeth; c) William Shakespeare.


23)  Decorations at Hatfield house…

a) are all British; d) are all foreign: c) come from other countries partially.


24. What is the most important airport  in Great Britain?

a) Heathrow Airport

b) Gatwick   Airport

c) Stanched   Airport


25)  English children start going to school at the age of:

a)  7

b)  6

c)  5

26)  There are 2 days a week when British pupils don’t go to school. They are:

a) Sunday and Monday

b)  Friday and Saturday

c) Saturday and Sunday



Keys for culture enter test.

  1. B

2. C

3. A

4. B











1 5.c.















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