Тест по английскому языку. What do you know about British holidays?


  1. People celebrate  the birth of Jesus Christ. What holiday is it?

a) New Year       b) Christmas           c) the First Foot


2. People send special cards to someone they love. They don’t sign their names.

a) St. Valentine’s Day           b) New Year     c) Mother’s Day


3. People visit their mothers and give them small flowers and small presents.

a) St. Valentine’s Day           b) New Year     c) Mother’s Day


4. There is a funny tradition connected with the New Year. This is the first visitor to enter the house.

a) Christmas               b) Halloween                   c) the First Foot


5. People light fireworks and burn a guy on a bonfire.

a) Guy Fawkes Night               b) Halloween                  c) Easter


6. People make fancy costumes and put them on.

a) Guy Fawkes Night               b) Halloween                  c) Easter


7. People dye eggs and give presents to their relatives and friends.

a) St. Valentine’s Day             b)Easter                          c) New Year


8. People decorate fir-trees with tinsels, lights, coloured balls.

a) St. Valentine’s Day             b)Easter                          c) New Year


9. An official public holiday, not a Saturday or Sunday, when banks and most businesses are closed.

a) bank holiday          b) New Year       c) Mother’s Day


10. When is the Queen’s actual birthday?

a) the 1st of April             b) the 21st of April                c) the 21 of March


11. When is Halloween?

a) October 31                        b) October 5              c) November 5


12. When is Christmas in Britain?

a) January  7               b) January 25                c) December 25

13. When is Guy Fawkes Day?

a) October 5                          b) September 25              c) November 5


14. When is the official Queen’s Birthday?

a) the second Saturday in June              b) the second Saturday in July   c) the 21st of April


15. When is New Year?

a) December 25          b) December 31               c) January 7



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