Тест по английскому языку. Past Simple.



Fill in the gaps in the text with one of the four answers given below. Choose the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet.

Example: When I 1 my eyes, the storm was over.

a) open b) has opened c) opened d) will open

Answer: 1. c

There   1 no wind and the sea was calm. Not far from the shore I    2 our

ship on the rocks. I   3 to swim to it and try to get some clothes and food. I    4

off my coat and shoes and swam towards ship. When I     5 it, I climbed on

board. First of all I saw the ship’s dog and two cats. The poor animals   6 very

glad to see me. I   7 to look for food. I   8 very glad when I  found  a lot of food.

There was bread, cheese and meat. Then I   9 about the ship to see what other

things I could take with me. I also   10 some guns and two swords.


(“Robinson Crusoe”)


1. a) will be b) were c) was d) are

2 a) was seen b) saw c) see  d) am seeing

3. a) had decided b) decide c) was decided d)decided

4. a) taken b) took c) take d) taking

5. a) reached    b) has reached c) reach d)reaching

6. a) are b) is c) was d) were

7. a) go b) going  c) went d) gone

8. a) am b) is c) were d) was

9. a) walked b) has walked   c) have been walking d) walk

10. a) find b) had found c) found d)finding


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