Тест по английскому языку ”NEW millennium ENGLISH” 10 класс. Ответы.

I. Grammar review.

1..Tenses(Active voice).

Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct past forms.

Last year Sam and Joanna decided to buy  a  house. They (1) (save up) for ages , and by the end of April they (2) (put by) enough for the deposit on a house. They (3) (live) in a tiny flat at that time and Joanna (4) (insist) that she  wanted a house with a big garden.. They (5) (search) for only a few days when they found exactly what they (6) (look for)-a two-bed –roomed house in a nearly an acre of garden .Unfortunately the owner (7) (ask) much more then they (8)                    (be) willing to pay, and when they (9) (look) more  closely  at the interior, they (10) (see) that whoever (11) (live) there before, he (12) (make) an absolute mess of the walls and floors. Still Joanna (13) (like) the garden and the location so much  that she (14) (manage) to convince Sam that , despite the price, it (15) (be) the perfect house for them.

2.Modal verbs( may, can, must, could).

Fill in  the gaps , using these modal verbs.

1             ..Hello, ….I speak  to Tom, please?

2.    ….I use your telephone?

3.    You….smoke if you like.

4     You ….drive for a year in Britain with an international licence.

5.   I borrow  your camera?

6.…..I give you a lift?

7.   You ….tell anyone  what I said.

8. You ….have a passport to visit most foreign countries.

9. …..I smoke here?

10. If you are 17, you …..drive a car in Britain..

3.Reported Speech.

Special introductory verbs.

Rewrite the sentences in reported Speech, using the verbs in the list.

( Deny       insist        suggest     promise    refuse     admit )

  1. “Yes, I lied to you “, she said.
  2. “Let’s go to the zoo, shall we?”, he said.
  3. “I’ll never do much  a  thing again “, he said.
  4. “I’m not going to let you into  my house”, he said.
  5. “ You must believe that I didn’t know it was stolen”, he said.
  6. “No , I didn’t steal  the money”, he said.


Fill in each gap with a preposition.

The  Rio carnival in Brazil.

This festival is the largest (1)….the world. Hundreds (2) ….thousands (3) …visitors come every year (4)….for celebrations(5)….the start (6)…Lent. The  carnival takes place (7)…the Sambadrome, a huge new stadium. . There samba  schools compete (8)…each other (9)….the best costumes and dancing. They spend a lot (10) ….time and money (11) ….carnival preparations making fantastic costumes, masks, decorations, mobile floats and teaching the samba. (12) …the past , the carnival procession was held (13)….the streets (14) ….Rio, where beautifully clothed people  threw streamers and confetti and danced(15)…for days.
Nowadays , the world’s biggest street party has became a pleasure only (16)…those who can afford the entrance fee.


Complete the table.



















II .Lexical review.

1. Choose the best alternative to fill in the gaps in each of the following sentences (Units III, IV).

1) We have a ….tradition of hunting every fall.

a)     long staying;

b)    long term;

c)     long wearing;

d) long standing.

2) This church dates….the 13th  century.

a) back to;

b) behind;

c) back;

d) towards.

3) Give the….to the dog.

a) leftous;

b) leftafters;

c) leftouts;

d) leftovers.

4) The living conditions in this ….country have improved slightly.

a) declining;

b) reclining;

c) inclining;

d) declined.

5) The charity provides homeless people with…..like food and clothing.

a) goods;

b) basic rights;

c) essentials;

d) leaflets.

6) She was ….for a year before she a job.got

a) out of the dole;

b) on the dole;

c) on the debt;

d) without a dole.

7) Look! Mary has just bought a new Ferrari. She has always been a …. .

a) spendthrift;

b) skinflint;

c) waster;

d) miser.

8) I’m ….a new house.

a) saving on;

b) saving out;

c) saving for;

d) saving over.

2.Fill in the gaps with the words:

Essential     fireworks    theatre     festival    spectators

Carnival   celebration     parade

ST. Patrick’s Festival.

2. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box..










ST. Patrick,s Festival has been in existence since 1996. From  a one-day (1) ….it has developed  into a 5- day (2) …. , the largest in Ireland. It takes place in March in Dublin. (3) …..of music , street (4) …. ,(5) ….and dances attract a lot of participants and  (6) … . The ….has become an (8) ….element of festival.



Grammar review.

  1. 1)had been saving up; 2) had put by; 3) were living; 4) insisted; 5) had been searching; 6) were looking for/ had been looking for; 7) was asking; 8) were; 9) looked; 10) saw; 11) had been living; 12) had made; 13) liked; 14) managed; 15) was.

  1. 1) can; 2) could; 3 )may; 4) can; 5) could; 6) can; 7) mustn’t 8) must 9) may; 10) can’t.

  1. 1) She admitted  lying to me.  2).He suggested going to the zoo.  3) He promised never to do (he would never do ) such a thing again.   4)  He refused to let me into his house .  6) He denied stealing  the money.  5).He  insisted he hadn’t known it had been stolen.

  1. 1) in; 2) of; 3) of; 4) for; 5) before; 6) of; 7) in; 8) with; 9) for; 10) of; 11)  on; 12) in; 13)in; 14) of; 15) for; 16) for.

5 1) confidence – confide – confident;

2) defence – defend – defensive;

3) security – secure – secure/ insecure;

4) tension – tense – tense;

5)perception – perceive – perceptive.

Lexical review.

1.    1)d ; 2) a;3) d;4) a: 5) c; 6) b;7) a; 8) c.

2.   1)celebration; 2) festival; 3) carnival; 4) theatre; 5) fireworks; 6)spectators; 7) parade; 8) essential.


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1)saving up
2)put buing
6)looking for

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