Олимпиадыне задания по английскому языку. 7 класс.

  1. I. Open the brackets & put the  verbs into  the proper tense form.

Once, while I 1 __________ (walk) in a park in London, I 2 __________ (see) an old strange-looking man. He 3 __________ (sit) on a bench 4 __________ (hold) a  closed book in his hands. I 5 _________ (sit) down on the bench & 6 __________ (look) at  the book.

I 7 ________ (see) that  the book 8 _________ (be) of great interest. It  9 ________ (be)  a very  old  copy of  early Byron`s  works.  I 10 ________ (look)  at the old man  in surprise &  11 _____________ (understand) that he 12 _________ (know)  I  13 ________ (sit) on the bench  because  of him &  the book he 14 ____________ (hold)  in his  hands.  I 15___________ (smile). “It is  the  last I 16 ________(have),”  he said & 17 _________ (stretch) it out  to me. I 18 _________ (take)  with the words, “I 19 _________ (be) a lover  of old books.”

I 20 _________ (open) this small book & 21 _________ (look) at the  date. “Oh,” I said. “It 22 ___________ (be) a remarkable book.” “Yes,” he  23 _________ (sigh). “I 24 _________ (have) to  sell it to  buy  the  necessities of life. I 25 __________ (have) a hard life & this book 26 ________ always __________ (be) a comfort to me.”

I 27 ________ (nod) & 28 _________ (think) that I  29 ____________ never  _________ (see) such a remarkable book.


II. Complete the text with  the words from the box. You won`t need 3  words.

Idea      from     and     few     next     some    when   they    what   it   to    took    after


Jill Stiles rescued a child (1) _________ the sea last week. Jill was on Brighton beach with her family, (2) _______ she saw a small child in the sea. She didn`t know (3) _______ to do, but she thought  for  a (4) __________ minutes & she  had an (5) __________ . First, she found a small boat  (6) ___________ went  out to the little girl in it. (7) _________ , she pulled the  girl into the boat &  (8) __________ her back to the  beach. The little girl`s family was now on the  beach. (9) ________ were worried because their little girl wasn`t there. Jill found the family & returned their child (10) ________ them. They were really happy!


III. Make adjectives from the nouns & complete  the sentences. “- ful”

Cheer    pain   beauty     colour     truth    help    delight        care success hope


  1. Those flowers are ________________ .
  2. ______________________ ! The plate is very hot.
  3. You don`t look very ___________ today. What`s the matter?
  4. The garden is very __________ in summer.
  5. We stayed at a ___________ little hotel.
  6. The woman in the shop was very ______________ .
  7. I`m _____________ about  getting the job.
  8. I`ve cut leg – it`s very _______________ .
  9. The party was very _______________ .
  10. He gave us a ____________ answer about what happed.



Task 1.

1. Read the text and put the missing sentences (A-E) in the correct spaces (1-5).

A puzzling discovery

  1. At last, on September 6th, everything was ready again. Once more the ships set out to sea.
  2. He wanted to sail west from Europe, west across the Ocean Sea, west to the lands of Asia called the Indies. He would find a sea route to the pearls, gold, spices, silk and perfumes of the Indies.
  3. Then, on the evening of September 9th, the last trace of island disappeared. Now the voyage had truly begun.
  4. And in this world the only known lands were Europe, Asia and Africa. Together they formed a giant island surrounded by the Ocean Sea.
  5. Their names were the Nina. the Pinta and the Santa Maria. Aboard them there were ninety men under the command of Columbus.

His name was Christopher Columbus, and he was a sailor with a bold plan. (1)______. For year traders had carried these riches overland to Europe. Now, with land routes closed by war, trade had stopped.

Columbus studied maps and read geography books. He asked the experts for advice. He planned, and when he was ready he began to search someone who would give money to make a trip. Finally he found a backer in Isabella, Queen of Spain.

And so it happened that on the morning of August 3d, 1492, three small ships sailed from Palos, Spain. (2)_______________ .

But the voyage was not yet really under the way. On the third day out, the Pinta's rudder broke. The fleet had to stop at the Canary Islands for repairs. (3)_________________.

At first the winds were light, sometimes dying altogether. For the few. days the men could still sea the mountain peaks of the Canary Islands. (4)__________  . They were sailing into the unknown.

In his cabin Columbus had a chart that he had drawn himself. Like the best maps of his day, it showed a world much smaller than the one we know. (5)__________________












2. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?

1)      Christopher Columbus wanted to find new route for trade on the land.________

2)      Columbus' plan was important because the trade routes were closed because of the war.____

3)      He did a lot to prepare for the trip.___________

4)      He started the voyage on the 6th of September, 1492.________

5)      His voyage was not difficult.     __________

Task 2.

1. Read the text and choose the best title:  (A)

  1. Visit the Edinburgh Festival!
  2. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.
  3. Summer in Edinburgh.

Every year, thousands of people come to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, to be part of the Edinburgh Festival. For three weeks every August and September the city is filled with actors and artists from all over the world. They come to Edinburgh for the biggest arts festival in Britain. During this time the streets of the city are alive with music and dance from early morning until late at night. You can even see artists painting pictures in the streets. One of the best parts of the festival is the "Fringe", where students do comedy shows in small halls and cafes.

Tens of thousands of tourists come to the Festival to see new films and plays and hear music played by famous musicians. This year, you can see over five hundred performances with actors from more than forty countries.

The tickets for these performances are quite cheap and it is usually easier to see you favourite star in Edinburgh than in London. So come to Edinburgh next summer, but remember it can be difficult to find a room, so why not book your hotel now!


2. Read the text and choose the correct answer:

1. The Edinburgh Festival is a month long.

a. Right            b. Wrong         c. Doesn't say.

2. Actors come to the Edinburgh festival from lots of different countries.

a. Right            b. Wrong         c. Doesn't say.

З. You can hear music all day.

a. Right            b. Wrong        c. Doesn't say.

4. It is expensive to go to the theatre in Edinburgh.

a. Right            b. Wrong        c. Doesn't say.

5. You can visit a lot of painting exhibitions during the festival.

a. Right            b. Wrong        c. Doesn't say.

6. It is usually more difficult to see famous actors in London than in Edinburgh.

a. Right            b. Wrong         c. Doesn't say.







Task 3.

Read the interview with Brad Pitt & complete the Datafile.

Questions to Brad Pitt

-         Do you come from a large family?

-         Yes, I do. There`s Mum & Dad & my brother & sister.

-         What sports do you like doing?

-         Cycling, rock climbing & tennis.

-         Do you have a pet?

-         Yes, I do. I`ve got five  dogs.

-         What  do you like eating?

-         My favourite food is pizza.

-         What don`t  you like?

-         I hate sharks & spiders.

-         Do you like rock music?

-         Yes, I do. I like Jimmy Hendrix & reggae.


Name (1): ___________________

Family (2): _________________________________________________________

Pets (3): No/Yes. If yes, what? _________________________________________

Favourite free-time activities (4) _______________________________________

Likes (5) ___________________________________________________________

Dislikes: (6) ___________________________________________________________


Задание  1.

1.Listen to the four speakers. Match  the speakers (1-4) with the sentences (A-D).

  1. Patrick ___D_________       A. This person can play the guitar.
  2. Sharon _____A_______       B. This person can use a computer.
  3. Mary ________B_____        C. This person likes to watch tennis on TV.
  4. Carl __________C____        D. This person doesn`t like pop music.

2. Listen to different people talking & choose the correct answer.

  1. What does he buy?

a)  a scarf b) a football shirt                      c) a baseball cap

  1. What will they do?

a)  go for a walk          b) watch TV c) go shopping

  1. What time does the  film start?

a)  8.15 p.m.                b) 8.30 p.m.                            c) 8.45 p.m.

  1. What does Susan want  to eat?

a)  meat & salad          b) fish & chips c) pasta

  1. How much are the jeans?

a)  & 5                        b) & 18.60                              c) & 13.60

Задание № 2.

Прослушайте текст «An old Tale ». И выполните задание к нему. Вы услышите текст 3 раза.


1.  Выбери окончание предложения, выражающее основнyю идею текста.

The text is about

a)      a man who saved a lot of money.

b)      a man who was travelling in the desert.

c)      a hungry man who didn't see the use of gold in a desert.


2. Выбери правильные ответы на вопроcы.

1) Why did the man think that he was the happiest man in the world?

a)      Because he had a lot of money.

b)      Because he had a lot of friends.

c)      Because he was fond of reading.

2) Why was the man weak?

a)      Because the weather was terrible.

b)      Because he had no food or water.

c)      Because he wasn't strong at all.

3) What did the man find in the bag?

a)      gold

b)      food

c)      water

4) How did the man get to the bag?

a)      He ran up to the bag.

b)      He crawled up to the bag.

c)      He jumped up to the bag.

5) Why was the man unhappy then?

a)      Because he didn't find gold.

b)      Because he didn't find his friends.

c)      Because he didn't find any food and water.


3. Закончи предложения.

a)        Once there lived a man who was very fond of ______ __________.

b)     All his life he_______ ________      money.

c)        One day he was travelling in the _____ ____________ of North Africa.

d)        He had no________ ___ or ________ ________   and was almost dying.

e)        He was so weak that he could not   walk, he could only _____ _______        .

f)          Then he saw a bag lying on the ____ ___

g)        He left the bag on the sand and cried  bitterly______

4.    Выполни тест нa понимание прослушанного текста. Если утверждение верно, то рядом c номером поставь знак «+», если нет, то знак «-».

a)       Once there lived a woman who was very fond of gold.

b)        He was travelling in the desert of North America.

c)        He had no food or water.

d)       He was so weak that he could not walk, he could only crawl.

e)       The heat was terrible.

f)         There were only trees and flowers around.

g)        He hoped to find his friends in the desert.

h)       He crawled up to the river and drank water.

i)         He lеft the bag on the hot sand, crying bitterly.



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