Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку. 8 класс.

1) How long is your _____ to work?

2) How do you like to ____ ?

By car, by train, by plane, on the underground or on foot?

3) Which airline do you usually ____ with?

4) What's the least successful business ____ you've ever had?

5) After a long and difficult ____ across the sea, Columbus discovered America in 1692.

6) Do you make your ____ arrangements via a travel agency or on the Internet?

7) Our sightseeing ____ around Rome was very informative.

8) What's the longest train ____ you've ever had?

9) Do you like reading books by ____ writers?

10) Their ____ to the North Pole was a great success



teacher, 31 Января 2016 г. в 19:44 | цитировать
о человек, сочинивший сей тест! вам надлежит пройти курс обучения в средней школе ибо неграмотны вы зело!

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