Тест по английскому языку. Лексика. Молодежь (досуг, проблемы).

Закончите предложение, используя предлагаемые варианты: 1.Being a teenager is not so...

a) difficult     b) easy


2. Teenagers have ... problems.

a) no         b) a lot of


3. School is the 1st problem. Young people have to learn ...

a) a little      b) a lot of


4. When parents don't understand the problems of their children it's


a) generation gap     b) problem


5. Nowadays we have very serious problems for the young people such as violence, AIDS, drugs and ...

a) music      b) alcohol


6. The teenager's problems will...

a) fall                b) increase


7. The most terrible thing is when teenager becomes a ...

a) student       b) drug addict


8. Teenagers from formal groups generally spend their free time doing sports, sightseeing, watching TV, ...etc

a) party going        b) staying at home




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