Тест по английскому языку. Лексика. Профессия (профессиональные качества).

Закончите предложение, используя предлагаемые варианты:

1.  То choose your future profession is very...

a) easy   b)   simple     c) difficult


2. A "profession" is ...

a) an occupation which requires advanced education and special training

b) an occupation which doesn't require education at all.


3. To become a good doctor you should be very ...

a) angry and severe     b) patient and kind


4.To become a good doctor you should have very good knowledge in.,

a) physics and maths        b) chemistry and biology


5. To make a right choice it's necessary to take into account...

a) the character and ability of a person

b) the place of your birth


6. Our school teachers do their best to provide pupils with...

a) books and pens     b) wide ranging knowledge and skills


7. The man who is fond of cars is called ...

a) doctor   b) motorist   c) tourist


8. There are lucky people who...

a) chose their profession in childhood

b) avoid unemployment


9. We must know whether the profession we have chosen will...

a) be interesting and entertaining

b) be in fashion

c) guarantee good living conditions and high salary



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