Тест по английскому языку. Лексика. Праздники.

Сопоставьте праздники и их описание:

1. ... is a night when people have parties and stay up until midnight

to see the New Year in.

a) New Year   b) Christmas   c) New Year's Eve

2.... is a very happy day with decorated fur-tree and presents.

a) Christmas     b) New Year      c) Easter

3.... is a day when pupils and students start the new academic year.

a) Labour Day      b) Easter     c) The Day of Knowledge

4.... is a religious holiday when people have parties, light candles and give each other presents.

a) New Year     b) Easter    c) Christmas

5.... is a religious holiday when people have gatherings eating dyed

eggs, paskha and kulich.

a) Christmas      b)   New Year     c) Easter

6.... is a day when people play tricks on friends.

a) New Year   b) April Fool's Day    c) Christmas

7... is a holiday when people honour members of the armed forces.

a) Labour Day      b) Day of the Defender of Motherland c)New Year

8.... is a day when people honour women by giving them flowers

and presents.

a) Women's Day    b) Labour Day     c) Easter

9... is a holiday when people have parades and ceremonies to honour

those who died in the Great Patriotic War.

a) Women's Day    b) Victory Day    c) May Day

10.... is a holiday when people have picnics, parades and fireworks.

a) Labour Day         b) Women's Day       c)Independence Day

11.....is a day when people eat pancakes and burn a scarecrow, which

means winter.

a) New Year's Eve    b) Maslenitsa         c) Easter 12.... is a holiday when people dress up in costumes of ghosts and

witches and have fun.

a) Maslenitsa      b) Easter      c) Halloween




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