Тест по английскому языку. Грамматика. Предлоги.

Укажите предлог, которым можно заполнить пропуск:

1.  There is a nice lamp ... the table.

a) between     b) over      c) into


2.  I have found your ball. In is ... the sofa.

a) over         b) between    c) under


3.  Your present is ... you. Take it!

a) above    b) under        c) in front of


4.  Where is Tom I can t find him.

-   He is standing ... you, sir.

a) between          b) behind       c) under


5.  I m waiting ... you, Tom.

a) for           b)-         c) to


6.  Is it a book you are looking ...

a) on            b) to         c) for


7.  Look...   the blackboard and answer the questions.

a) on             b) at        c) to


8.  Put... your hat. It is cold today.

a) away          b) off      c) on


9.  Let s meet... 7 p.m..

a) on              b) at       c) to


10.3 here is a sofa ... the left.

a) in         b) at            c) on



Кристина, 16 Декабря 2014 г. в 00:26 | цитировать
1 -b
2- c
3 -a
4 -b
5 - c
6 -b
7 - b
8 - c
9 -b
10 -a

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