Лексико- грамматический тест по иностранному языку


1. Put in the verbs in the correct form.

1. Yesterday Linda (give) the interview to the youth magazine.

2. Mike (not, get up) at six o’clock.

3. They (read) this book yesterday evening.

4. He (do) his homework tomorrow.

5. She (visit) her Granny every week.

6. Mary (speak) English and French.

7. My parents (watch) TV now.

8. We (not, going) to play football this evening.

2. Use Present Progressive.

1. Where is Mum? - She (to cook).

2. Listen! The girl (to sing) a song.

3. They (to watch) a detective film.

4. What you (to read) at the moment?

5. I (no to write) a letter now.

6. Bob (to sleep) now?

3. Use Present Simple or Present Progressive and open the brackets.

1. They (to play) tennis now.

2. They (to play) tennis every day.

3. Where is Jane? - She (to read) a new book in her room.

4. Sam usually (to read) magazines in the evening.

5. I (to write) a letter to my sister now.

6. I (to write) a letter to my Granny once a month.

4. Put in the missing words

Close  sociable   humour   get on   hobby   card   typical     intelligent         naughty    computer


Dear Linda,

Thank you very much for your nice Christmas _____. You asked me to write about my family.

Our family is a _____ Russian family: a father, a mother, two children (my little sister and me)      and a cat. We are a ______ family and we ____ well each other.

My mum is a Science teacher. She is ______. Her _____ is painting. My dad is a ____ programmer. He is _______. He has a good sense of _____.My little sister Ann is funny and sometimes _____. What is your family like? Have you got any brothers or sisters?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend

D. Korolev.

5. Put in prepositions if necessary.

1. What kind ____ music do you like to listen __?

2. Do you speak ___any foreign language?

3. We arrived at the station ____ time.

4. They have arranged to go to the theatre ___ 5 p.m.

5. In Oxford I stayed ___ my friend’s family.

6. It happened ____ April.

7. We are a close family and we get ____ well with each other.



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