Тест по грамматике.

Данный материал представляет собой 300 тестовых заданий по основным разделам английской грамматики и может быть успешно использован для генерального повторения и обобщения учащимися грамматики.

The Article

1.   Great  Britain  consists of … parts. ( the three; three; a three)

2.   It is washed by the waters of …( an Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic Ocean; the Atlantic Ocean)

3.   The Queen of Great Britain is not …(the absolute; absolute; an absolute)

4.   …is the main modern art museum in London ( Tate Gallery; a Tate Gallery; the Tate Gallery)

5.   … drive on the left - hand  side in their country (the British; British; a British)

  1. It is evident that … want peace (a people; the people; people)
  2. The acting was poor, but we enjoyed …(music; a music; the music)
  3. …is the universal language of the world. (music; a music; the music)
  4. …had never possessed a standing army or a police force (Tudors; a Tudors; the Tudors)

10.  Pushkin, the great Russian poet, was born in … (a 1799; 1799; the 1799)

The  Noun

11.  Draughts … not a complicated game ( are; is; be)

12.  Scissors … a small tool with two sharp blades screwed together (am; is; are)

13.  What … his politics? - He supports the Labour Party (are; is; be)

14.  We’ll take …holiday (four-days; a four-day; a four-days)

15.  Ill news …fast (travels; travel; are travelling)

16.  Bright … should start school as early as possible (childrens; children; childs)

17.  All the available… show that the revolution started in the East (datum; data; dates)

18.  They became successful …(businessman; businessmen; businessmans)

19.  This is …room (Jane and Mary’s; Jane’s and Mary’s; Jane’s and Mary)

The Numeral

20.  …delegates took part in the conference (two hundreds; the two hundred; two hundred)

21.  Spaceships, aeroplanes, computers and even an Egyptian mummy are among the many … of objects in the Science Museum’s world famous collections (thousands; thousand; the thousand)

The Conjunction

22.  A man is …old … he feels (so …as; as…as; as…that)

23.  The fellow that agrees with everything you say is …a fool …he is getting to skin you (both…and; not only…but; either …or)

24.  Nothing …needs reforming …other people’s habits (so…as; as…that; as…as)

25.  …your daughter …your niece have made great progress ( as…as; so…as; both…and)

26.  Her eyes were …large…small. (either …or; neither…nor; nor…or)

The Preposition

27.  The Prime Minister arrived …the capital on Monday (to; in; at)

28.  He came … a two-day official visit at the invitation of the Government (with; for; on)

29.  I heard it …the radio. (in; on; by)

30.  I was busy and couldn’t listen …the radio (to; on; for)

31.  I congratulate you …the event (on; with; for)

32.  The conference began …October 18 (at; in; on)

33.  You will find the news …the bottom of the newspaper (at; in; on)

34.  The most important thing… the present time is to get rid of the prejudice that only special officials can carry on the administration of the State (in; for; at)

35.  A glass vase is made…glass (from; out of; with)

36.  Paper is made…wood-pulp (from; with; out of)

37.  What is the name of the sea …England and France ? ( among; between; of)

38.  Two Italians were … the plane when it crashed (on; in; by)

39.  They were …business in London (with; for; on)

40.  We’ll go to Rome …bus (by; on; in)

Degrees of Comparison

41.  Honesty is …policy (the best; better; more better)

42.  …men declare war. But it is youth that fight and die. ( oldest; older; elder)

43.  Of two evils    choose the …(less; little; least)

44.  What’s the …news of today ? (later; latest; last)

45.  If you require … information or assistance, ask at your local station. (further; farther; furthest)

46.  Actions speak …than words (more louder; the loudest; louder)

47.  Hotels are becoming …nowadays (more expensive; the most expensive; expensiver)

48.  The damage to the car could be …, that we expected (bad; worse; the worst)

49.  That was …case in his practice (the least difficult; the less difficult; the less difficulter)

50.  The sea is … unknown part of our world (the most large; the largest; the most largest)

Quantitative Pronoun

51.  …people sell their souls and live with a good conscience on the proceeds (the most; most; much)

52.  …the traffic goes by the main road (the most; most; most of)

53.  Is there …work for you to do every day (many; little; few)

54.  Does this car use …petrol ? ( much; many; a few)

55.  There are …parties that have nice music and pretty decorations (a few; few; little)

Indefinite Pronoun

56.  …people are early risers (any; some; no)

57.  Have you got …objections? ( no; some; any)

58.  You can buy stamps at …post office. (any; some; no)

59.  I don’t know about it;  ask…else.  ( nobody; anybody; somebody)

60.  I got the book without …difficulty (some; any; no)

61.  There is …new under the sun ( no thing; nothing; anything)

62.  …the greatest gain is to be a loser. (sometimes; some time; any time)

63.  I’ll post the letter …(by me; oneself; myself)

Reflexive Pronoun

64.  Everybody should be able to defend …(him; himself; his own)

65.  Selfish people think mainly of …(one another; themselves; each other)

66.  If we hadn’t taken the same plane, we might have never met …(each other; one another; themselves)

67.  There are …places of interest you can visit and enjoy in London ( the other; another; other)

Possessive Pronoun

68.  I don’t like …jokes (hers; her; her’s)

Negative Pronoun

69.  There is …uniform school organization or curriculum in the USA (not; no; none)

70.  …are so fond of secrets as those who do not mean to keep them (none; not anybody; no one)

distributive Pronoun

71.  It was reported that …were present at the meeting (both; all; everybody)

72.  If the blind leads the blind …shall fall into the ditch (every; both; all)

73.  …man has his faults (both; both of; every)

adverbs expressing «еще», «даже»

74.  What …have you seen at the museum ? (still; more; else)

75.  Tom has …finished his work. (still; already; yet)

76.  - Don’t make such a noise ! - Are the children …sleeping ? (still; yet; more)

77.  Don’t worry. He is …on the danger list (no more; not longer; no longer)

78.  I want to go for a walk. Has it stopped snowing … ? (else; yet; still)

79.  Do you want …tea? (any; some; any more)

Indicative Mood

80.  We shall not begin the meeting until everybody … (comes; won’t come; come)

81.  I can come tomorrow if you … it   (will like; like; liked)

Imperative Mood

82.  …the world’s most renowned waxworks museum, and rub shoulders with famous and infamous (visiting; you visit; visit)

83.  Please, …be late for classes ! (not; don’t; no)

84.  You are going on a long journey. …care on the motorway. (to take; taking; take)

There is (was), there are (were)

85.  There …not a passion so strongly rooted in the human heart as envy (is; were; are)

86.  …there millions of stars within our galaxy ? (is; are; has …been)

87.  Civilization will never flow backward while there …youth in the world. (has been; are; is)

88.  There is … in the garden waiting for you (Pete; your friend; a man)

89.  There …ten pens and a magazine on the table. (is; are; was)

90.  …there…a lecture tomorrow ? (will …be; shall…be; would…be)

present Simple

91.  About 85 percent of American students …public schools, which are supported by state and local taxes (attended; have attended; attend)

92.  What …American public schools teach? (are; do; does)

93.  Wise kings generally …wise councillors. (to have; has; have)

94.  All historical places of London …in the West End. (had been; were; are)

95.  The city of Montreal …70 square miles. (covering; covers; is covered)

96.  Man …live by bread alone (do not; does not; is not)

Present Continuous

97.  I know you …an advanced geography course now (were taking; is taking; are taking)

98.  Now she …difficulty in putting facts in order (is having; has been having; had)

99.  The world sea surrounds the earth and …to us all. ( is belonging; belongs; has belonged)

  1. Scientists in many different countries …to explain its mystery (are working; have worked; worked)
  2. These are just a few of the questions to which they … their energies (are devoting; had devoted; is devoting)

Present Perfect

  1. …you ever a film in which a train crashed or a ship sank ? (did…see; have…seen; do…see)
  2. Recently BBC experts …a new system that lets the deaf understand TV programmes (have invented; invented; to envent)
  3. The nation’s income and productivity …enormously over the past 70 years ( rose; has risen; have risen)
  4. American schools for many years …federal aid for special purposes. ( have received; received; receive)
  5. Like it or not, television …the supreme holiday attraction ever since it upstaged the cinema by showing old films ( has been; is ; was)
  6. He … … everything except his last paper (did; have done; has done)

Present Perfect Continuous

  1. It … since early morning (rained; had rained; has been raining)
  2. You are a good football-player. Since when …you…football ? (have …been playing; did …play; had …been playing)
  3. My brother …music lessons for three years now (have taken; has been taking; took)

Future Simple

  1. Perhaps in the future men …on the sea, away from the crowded and noisy cities on land (will live; would live; are living)
  2. The student …as an apprentice to a trained worker next week (shall work; will work; would work)
  3. During the apprenticeship period the student …to earn money (shall begin; would begin; will begin)
  4. We …take a vacation this month ( is not; did not; shall not)

Future Continuous

  1. As your leader I’ll tell you about our future excursions. We …by tram at nine in the morning and coming back at about seven ( shall be leaving; shall leave; shall have been leaving)
  2. What …you… at 4.30 tomorrow afternoon ? (would…do; were…do; will…be doing)
  3. Probably, I … … … my friends at this time (shall have visited; shall be visiting; have visited)
  4. Now I … how industry cooperates with the natural environment (shall be illustrating; would be illustrating; will have illustrated)

How Future is expressed

  1. -Has Ann made up her mind on what to do after finishing school ?- Oh, yes. She … …the University. ( is going to enter; enters; entering)
  2. After the festival’s over she … a vacation with her family. ( will take; take; taking)
  3. -Can you come over to me on Friday? - Sorry, I’d love to, but I …for Paris tomorrow. (leave; am leaving; will leave)
  4. -Let’s go to the snack bar. -What…we…for lunch? ( are going to have; are…having; shall have)

future Perfect

  1. Have you finished the translation yet ?- I …the translation by nine o’clock tomorrow morning . ( shall have finished; have finished; had finished)
  2. In three months he … here a year .(has been; will have been; was)
  3. Don’t call on me. I …for Kiev by noon. ( should leave; shall have left; left)

Future Perfect Continuous

  1. My friend …on the ship for fifteen years by next year. (will have been serving; have served; was serving)
  2. …they… … in the mountains for a month by July ? (will …travel; will …have been travelling; will …be travelling)
  3. By two o’clock the students will … …the test translation for two hours (be doing; have been doing; do)

Past Simple

  1. Sir Walter was a proud knight, and …to think that he had to submit to the commands of a tyrant lord (had hated; was hating; hated)
  2. …you…the ancient stone carvings at the museum last week ? (have …seen; did…see; had…seen)
  3. Dinosaurs …millions of years ago (died out; had died out; were died out)
  4. In the year 1620, a ship named the ‘Mayflower’ …120 Englishmen to the rocky coast of America (has brought; brought; had brought)
  5. It was late in the year when the Pilgrims …and founded a colony ( were landing; had landed; landed)

Past Continuous

  1. When Jim came out of the army he … what to do ( is wondering; has wondered; was wondering)
  2. His parents were sick, they didn’t have much money, so they …pretty desperate (were getting; are getting; have gotten)
  3. Meanwhile in the village most people  … …to go skiing. (was preparing; were preparing; are preparing)
  4. Those who couldn’t do it …TV or looking through the newspapers (were watching; have watched; are watching)

Past Perfect

  1. The main ideas were set forth in the statement which …in the press the day before (appeared; had appeared; has appeared)
  2. By the 16th century a new economic system … … feudalism (replaced; was replacing; had replaced)
  3. The Treaty of Paris was signed in September 1783. The colonies were now free but they …yet… a united nation. (had not…formed; did not…form; would not …form)



Past Perfect Continuous

  1. The war broke out in 1914. The European ruling classes …for it for 20 years. (prepared; had prepared; had been preparing)
  2. The European experts …long…that the arms race would lead to war (were…warning; had…been warning; would…be warning)
  3. It was pointed out that the patient…treatment for heart problems for a year (had been having; had; would have been having)
  4. It was reported that a plane from the air field …since the previous morning (was missing; had been missing; has been missing)


  1. By 1787 it was believed that the unity of states … (is disintegrating; will disintegrate; would disintegrate)
  2. I was sure that they …that problem when by the time I called ( would have discussed; would be discussing; would discuss)
  3. He wondered if she … the article by noon ( would be translating; would translate; would have translated)
  4. I found out that by the year 1997 she …at the University for 20 years (would have been working; would have worked; would be working)

Passive Voice

  1. Over 57 million students …in American schools which range from kindergartens to high schools (were enrolled; are enrolled; has been enrolled)
  2. America’s first college, Harvard, …in Massachusetts in 1636 (is being founded; had been founded; was founded)
  3. The story of the first Thanksgiving feast …among the Americans ( is well-known; have been well-known; would have been well-known)
  4. The students …on the Industrial Revolution at the end of the term (will be tested; are being tested; will have been tested)
  5. Now London’s councilmen …to approve the erection of a life-size statue  of Charlie Chaplin in the costume that the British-born  Comedian made famous in his films (being asked; asked; are being asked)
  6. Mr Simon was sure that prisoners of conscience …at least 70 countries ( are being held; were being held; being held)
  7. In more than 200 years the USA Constitution …26 times ( is amended; is being amended; has been amended)
  8. The bridge … … by tomorrow morning (will have been reconstructed; is being reconstructed; will be reconstructed)
  9. It was announced that the international treaty against weather warfare …and had gone into effect (would have been ratified; is ratified;  had been ratified)

Reported Statements

  1. She says that American hotel managers … a very difficult job now ( have had; have; will have)
  2. The receptionist told Mrs Norrison that her son … for the past 24 hours ( hadn’t been seen; wasn’t seen; isn’t seen)
  3. When they came and found what …by the soldiers of Pharaoh they became angry (have been done; has been done; had been done)
  4. The Navy officials said that the dolphins …in salt water holding tanks ( will be kept; would be kept; are kept)
  5. She said that she …and could not work any more (was tired; is tired; has been tired)

Reported Questions

  1. She asked me what holidays … (I liked; have I liked; did I liked)
  2. He wanted to know which bus …(should she take; she should take; she took)
  3. Nick wondered how much further …(they should ride; should they ride; they shall ride)

Reported Commands and Requests

  1. She asked …back with further news ( to phone; to being phoned; to be phoned)
  2. The driver was requested …so fast (not to drive; don’t drive; hasn’t to  drive)
  3. Pedestrians are required …the road at the zebra crossing ( crossing; cross; to cross)
  4. If you buy any more books we …any place to sleep (don’t have; won’t have; haven’t had)
  5. If your teeth hurt you, you …a dentist (ought to see; should see; would see)
  6. When you heat water  it …(boils; has boiled; boiling)
  7. When you go abroad …you attentive (are; will be; be)
  8. He promised he would return the book as soon as he …it ( had read; will read; would read)
  9. Unless they improve their attitude towards the work, they …the exam (would fail; will fail; fail)
  10. Whenever she goes, she …friends (had made; making; makes)
  11. Whichever attraction you decide to visit you …sure of an excellent day out ( can be; will be able to ; would be able to)

Subjunctive Mood

  1. If wishes were horses, beggars …ride ( might; would may; will be allowed to )
  2. If we … …air, there would be no sound (won’t have; hadn’t had; did not have)
  3. If the Titanic had not hit an iceberg, she … … on her first voyage (would not sink; would not have sunk; did not sink)
  4. If the Spanish government … … Columbus with ships, he would not have discovered a new continent (did not equip; had not equipped; were not equipping)
  5. He speaks as if he … …London himself (visited; visits; had visited)
  6. It’s high time we … the report for consideration to the committee (had submitted; submitted; submit)
  7. If he didn’t like people, he … a doctor (would had become; wouldn’t become; wouldn’t have become)
  8. But for the revolution the King … (wasn’t executed; won’t have been executed; wouldn’t have been executed)
  9. If it were not for his advice, Tom … advantage of the situation ( wouldn’t have taken; didn’t take; won’t take)
  10. If I were you, I … …a computer (would buy; would have bought; will have bought)
  11. If I were you, I … …England years ago ( would visit; will be visiting; would have visited)


  1. I wish you …interrupting me ( to stop; would stop; have stopped)
  2. I wish you …us on the excursion (joining; could have joined; to join)
  3. I wish you …me something about the Tower of London (would tell; told; telling)
  4. I suggest that the film …developed at once ( be; would have been; to be)
  5. I insist that that letter …immediately (be answering; to be answer; be answered)
  6. It is necessary that you … … a travelcard and use it at any time at weekends and Bank Holidays (would be buying; buy; should have bought)
  7. I demand that he …the results of the experiment at the conference ( would have been announcing; should announce; to announce)
  8. It is important that the problem …today (be solved; is solved; is being solved)
  9. I propose that the problem …on the agenda (to be put; be put; to put)

The Gerund

  1. …plants and animals deep in the ocean, science may find a cure for some of the most serious human diseases (on studying; by studying; having studied)
  2. He is looking forward …to the country (to going; for going; to having gone)
  3. William the Conqueror is famous for …England (having been conquered; conquering; having conquered)
  4. William l l , 7th Duke of Normandy founded his dynasty …Harold l l  to become William l  of England (for killing; in killing; by killing)
  5. Did he deserve …? (praising; having been praised; being praised)
  6. I remember …your letter (having posted; posted; posting)
  7. The inspector suspected him …the cop ( of having killed; for killing; in being killed)
  8. His career crashed when he …letting a girl die in a car crash (should be accused of; was accused of; is accused of)

The Participle

  1. By the end of this century there will be 600 million people around the world …in absolute poverty ( living; having lived; lived)
  2. The problem …is of great significance (discussing; being discussed; discussed)
  3. I saw her …the street (crossed; having crossed; crossing)
  4. While …the book I came across a lot of interesting facts (studying; study; having studied)
  5. …a One Day Travelcard not only gives you a return to London from your local station, it is also your passport to unlimited travel on London’s trains, Tubes and most buses ( to buy; buying; having bought)
  6. …her address I could not write her a letter ( not knowing; without knowing; not to know)
  7. The holiday …Thanksgiving Day is now observed on the fourth Thursday of November (calling; called; to be called)
  8. Norman rule introduced Norman French language, feudakism, and administration, …on castles (based; being based; having been based)
  9. James Watt patented his steam engine, …mainly for pumping, in 1769 (using; is used; used)

The Subjective Infinitive Construction

  1. The proposal is reported … … by the committee (to be approved; to have been approved; to approve)
  2. He was considered … a good teacher  ( to be; to have been; was)
  3. She is known …on a very important problem now ( to have worked; working; to be working)
  4. He is said … a  novel  for ten years (to have been writing; to have written; to be writing)
  5. He is expected … a report on Monday morning (make; will make; to make)
  6. Viewers …to object to the growing amount of violence on TV (are not seem; do not seem; are not seeming)
  7. I am afraid you …the point. I mentioned before that … (seem to have missed; are seeming to miss; are seemed to have missed)
  8. Helen …to be a good story-teller ( turned out; is turned out; to turn out)
  9. If captured, the runaway slaves …to end up in slavery (to be likely; were likely; have been likely)

The Object with the Infinitive Construction

  1. I have never heard him … (to sing; sing; to have sung)
  2. I believed him …the most honest person (to be; is; be)
  3. The traffic made me …as if my head would burst ( to have felt; to feel; feel)
  4. Do you want me …a new theory to the class ? ( to present; to be presenting; to have presented)
  5. I expected them …the problem in detail (consider; to consider; considering)
  6. I hate him …( laugh at; to be laughed at; laughed at)
  7. I see … more organisations coming together to put an end to the threat of nuclear war ( will like to ; would like to; would have liked to)
  8. Today the Committion ordered five atomic power stations …immediately ( to shut down; shutting down; shut down)
  9. I like to watch the planes …(to take off; take off; to be taking off)
  10. The instructor had the students  …the experiment over ( to have done; do; to do )

Modal Verbs

  1. You …take care of your parents (should; ought to; are to)
  2. My sight is getting worse. Next year, I’m afraid, I …read without glasses ( cannot; may not; won’t be able to)
  3. Don’t you see I’m tired ? You …me, you know. (might have …helped; could …help; may …help)
  4. Police, firefighters, newspaper reporters and radio broadcasters …work on holiday in the USA ( could; might; must)
  5. The real history of the period between 1688 and the middle of the 18th century … … summed up in three words: accumulation of capital ( need be; will be able to be; can be)
  6. The power of knowledge …placed in the hands of people ( should be; ought to be; need to be)
  7. We …commemorate great people ( must; need to; may)
  8. Whatever else the government …to undertake, its duty is to keep order in civil society (must try; might try; may try)
  9. No museum …ever…buy even one painting by this artist ( has …been able to; might…have; has…been allowed to)
  10. 12 delegates representing gypsy groups from several countries …for 6 days of talks at the end of February ( can meet; have to meet; are to meet)
  11. …you…get up early yesterday to meet the delegation at the airport ? ( did…have to; had…to; have…had to)
  12. The leopard …not change his sports ( need; can; ought)
  13. We …learn from the past ( may; need; must)
  14. Teenagers who commit crimes … … be treated as adults and sentenced to significant punishment ( would; should; ought to)
  15. The Senate and the House of Representatives …approve a bill for it to become a law ( had to;  must; was to)
  16. Excuse me, …you tell me the way  to the Houses of Parliament, please ? (could; may; will)
  17. …you come and sit down ? (could, are, won’t)
  18. …you like a cup of coffee ? (should; would; could)
  19. I …mind a drink, if you had one ( shouldn’t; wouldn’t; haven’t)

Sequence of Tenses

  1. The Pilgrims had only the belongings they …on the small ship ( had brought; be brought; have brought)
  2. In the spring, with the help from the Indians, the Pilgrims …for the next winter ( were prepared; have prepared; prepared)
  3. It was reported that in honour of Tatyana, the patron saint of students, a nonscholastic party…by the sponsors the day before ( was organized; had been organized; is organized)
  4. What was the result of the dispute you …in ? (are; were; have been)
  5. Ancient people didn’t know that the Earth …around the Sun (goes; has gone; went)
  6. It was evident that water …at 1000 C (boils; boiled; had boiled)
  7. In the modern world Britain was the first country where capitalism …established ( has been; had been; was)
  8. Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist of all ages, lived in a period when the toxic effects  of chemicals …less understood (have been; had been; were)
  9. She didn’t know that the man …carvings for 15 years (had made; had been making; made)
  10. Hardly had they entered the house, when a violent thunderstorm … (broke out; had broken out; has breaken out)
  11. What was done …be undone (can’t; couldn’t; won’t be able to )
  12. He realized that the old life he …in that city since his boyhood was ended (had lived; lived; has lived)

Complex Sentences

  1. It was uncertain whether the concert …outdoors (will be; would be; should be)
  2. She didn’t know where her umbrella … (is; had been; was)
  3. I don’t like films …have unhappy endings (which; that; what)
  4. American institutions of higher education include technical training schools …offer programmes from hairstyling to  computers ( what; that; which)
  5. And now I would like to give the floor to Dr Green, … is going to talk about “Environmental Protection” (that; who; which)
  6. When the Civil War ended traffic on the Mississippi river Mark Twain …his job as a river pilot and moved to the West ( left; had left; was leaving)
  7. Since they …near the lake they can often go swimming (have lived; live; lived)
  8. I enjoyed the trip, …it rained (although; however; as)
  9. A good name is better …riches ( as if; as; than)


  1. They will give you some forms …(to be completed; to complete; completing)
  2. He believed the principles …more important than wealth ( to be; be; been)
  3. I shall dictate …the titles of the books to be read for the exams (you; your; to you)


  1. Give the books …(to him; him; to he)
  2. He extended his hand … (to I; to me; me)
  3. I needed a holiday and …Ann (so does; so did; so is)

General Questions

  1. I liked the book. - … (so am I; so did I; so I did)
  2. I am not interested in his offer.- …(neither am I; either I am; nor am I)
  3. …there a good connection from the airport to the city ? (are; does; is)
  4. …Washington the first city in history to be built for the purpose of governments ? (was; did; were)
  5. …you know where I can change my flight  booking ? (are; does; do)

alternative Questions

  1. Is the US legislative branch made up of two …three houses ? ( or; than; and)
  2. May the writer critisize …praise the actions of some public officials ? (or; but; than)
  3. Are there billions …millions of stars in the Galaxy ? (if; whether; or)
  4. Do the citizens take part in national elections directly … indirectly ? (if; and; or)

Disjunctive Questions

  1. Let’s go to the party tonight, …? ( will you; shall us; shall we)
  2. Don’t be late,… ? (will you; do you; don’t you)
  3. We could turn down the road, …? (did we; could we; couldn’t we)
  4. She is perfectly willing to listen to reason, …? (is she; isn’t she; does she)
  5. There was no national election last month, …? (was there; was it; is there)

Special Questions

  1. Who …America? (did discover; does discover; discovered)
  2. Why …the navigators…to find new trade routes in the 15th century? (do…tried; has…tried; did…try)
  3. What…booms and depressions in free economies? (causes; is caused; does cause)
  4. What role…G. Washington…in the American revolution ? ( had been…played; is…played; did…play)
  5. Where…Washington, DC …? ( does…locate; is…located; has been…located)
  6. How many imposing buildings…in Washington, DC ? ( there are; are there; are where)
  7. When…the Civil War…? (did…end; had…ended; was…ended)
  8. How long…you to answer all the questions ? (was it take; did it take; it took)


  1. b
  2. c
  3. b
  4. c
  5. a
  6. c
  7. c
  8. a
  9. c
  10. b
  11. b
  12. b
  13. a
  14. b
  15. a
  16. b
  17. b
  18. b
  19. a
  20. c
  21. a
  22. b
  23. c
  24. a
  25. c
  26. b
  27. b
  28. c
  29. b
  30. a
  31. a
  32. c
  33. a
  34. c
  35. b
  36. a
  37. b
  38. a
  39. c
  40. a
  41. a
  42. b
  43. c
  44. b
  45. a
  46. c
  47. a
  48. b
  49. a
  50. b
  51. b
  52. c
  53. b
  54. a
  55. b
  56. b
  57. c
  58. a
  59. c
  60. b
  61. b
  62. a
  63. c
  64. b
  65. b
  66. a
  67. c
  68. b
  69. b
  70. a
  71. a
  72. b
  73. c
  74. c
  75. b
  76. a
  77. c
  78. b
  79. b
  80. a
  81. b
  82. c
  83. b
  84. c
  85. a
  86. b
  87. c
  88. c
  89. b
  90. a
  91. c
  92. b
  93. c
  94. c
  95. b
  96. b
  97. c
  98. a
  99. b
  100. a
  101. a
  102. b
  103. a
  104. c
  105. a
  106. a
  107. c
  108. c
  109. a
  110. b
  111. a
  112. b
  113. c
  114. c
  115. a
  116. c
  117. b
  118. a
  119. a
  120. a
  121. b
  122. c
  123. a
  124. b
  125. b
  126. a
  127. b
  128. b
  129. c
  130. b
  131. a
  132. b
  133. c
  134. c
  135. a
  136. b
  137. a
  138. b
  139. c
  140. a
  141. c
  142. b
  143. a
  144. b
  145. c
  146. b
  147. c
  148. a
  149. b
  150. c
  151. a
  152. a
  153. c
  154. b
  155. c
  156. a
  157. c
  158. b
  159. a
  160. c
  161. b
  162. a
  163. a
  164. b
  165. a
  166. c
  167. a
  168. c
  169. b
  170. b
  171. a
  172. c
  173. a
  174. b
  175. c
  176. a
  177. a
  178. c
  179. b
  180. b
  181. c
  182. b
  183. c
  184. c
  185. a
  186. a
  187. c
  188. b
  189. b
  190. a
  191. a
  192. c
  193. b
  194. b
  195. a
  196. b
  197. b
  198. a
  199. b
  200. c
  201. a
  202. c
  203. a
  204. b
  205. a
  206. b
  207. c
  208. a
  209. b
  210. a
  211. b
  212. a
  213. c
  214. b
  215. a
  216. c
  217. a
  218. c
  219. b
  220. a
  221. a
  222. b
  223. b
  224. a
  225. c
  226. a
  227. b
  228. b
  229. b
  230. c
  231. a
  232. b
  233. b
  234. c
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  269. a
  270. b
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  281. c
  282. a
  283. c
  284. a
  285. a
  286. c
  287. c
  288. c
  289. a
  290. c
  291. b
  292. a
  293. c
  294. c
  295. a
  296. c
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