Сказка на английском языке по мотивам

русской народной сказки «Теремок»







1. Storyteller № 1

2. Storyteller № 2

3. Mouse

4. Frog

5. Dog

6. Cat

7. Cockerel

8. Fox

9. Wolf

10. Bear


Storyteller № 1 – Once upon a time there lived very many animals in the forest.

Storyteller № 2 – Of course, not all the animals had a place where to live.

Storyteller № 1 – And they walked around the forest searching houses.

Storyteller № 2 – Now look and listen what happened one day.


Mouse   - What a nice house! It’s not small. It’s not big. Tock, tock, tock. Who lives in the

house?... Nobody. Now I can live in it.

I have no mother,

I have no father,

But I have a house,

I am a happy mouse


Frog       - What a nice house! Who lives in this house? Tock, tock, tock.


Mouse    - I live here. I am a mouse. And who are you?


Frog        - I am a frog. My name is Green. And what is your name?


Mouse     - My name is Mighty-Mouse. What can you do?


Frog         - I can jump.


Mouse      - Well, you must wash the dishes.


Frog          - Oh, I agree, only take me into your house.


Mouse       - Come in. Let’s live together.


Dog           - Tock, tock, tock. Who lives in the house?


Mouse         - We live in the house. I am a mouse and she is a frog.


Frog             - And who are you? What are you?


Dog              - I am a dog. I am clever. I am not big. I am small. My name is Jack.


Frog              - What can you do?


Dog               - I can run.


Mouse           - Can you read?


Dog               - Yes, I can.


Mouse           - Well, you must read us fairy-tails in the evening.


Dog               - It’s a good work. With pleasure.


Mouse           - Come in.


Cat                - What I see! How wonderful! Tock, tock, tock. Who lives in such a great house?


Mouse           - We live here – Frog, Dog and me. I am a Mouse.


Frog               - Tell us about you.


Dog                - Who are you?


Cat                 - I am a cat. My name is Pussy. I am pretty and funny.


Dog                - Well, well, but what can you do?


Cat                 - I can jump, crawl, run….I like to sleep most….But I get up early in the morning.


Mouse            - OK, You must cook meal for us.


Cat                 - OK, OK, I agree. Take me.


Mouse            - Come in.


Cockerel         - I am not afraid, I am brave. I am not afraid, I am brave.What a nice place to

hide! Tock, tock, tock. Who lives here?


Mouse             - We live here – Frog, Dog, Cat and me. I am a Mouse.


Cat                  - Who are you? What can you do?


Cockerel         - I am a cockerel. I can sing.

Do cock’l do, do cock’l do. What can I do for you?

Do cock’l do, do cock’l do. I try to be useful for you.


Mouse             - Well, you must sing in the morning.

Dog                 - But don’t be cruel. Don’t peck us.


Cockerel          - Of course, I won’t do it.


Mouse              - Come in.


Fox                   - What a nice house! I want to live here. I am tired to walk alone.Tock, tock,

tock. Who lives here?


Mouse              - We live here – Frog, Dog, Cat, Cockerel and me. I am a Mouse.


Cockerel           - I know her. She is a Fox. She likes to eat cockerels. Don’t take her.


Fox                   - I am cunning but I don’t make harm to animals I live. I can wash the floor

with my fluffy tail.


Mouse              - Well, but remember, I will watch you. Come in.


Wolf                 - I am hungry. I am angry. I eat anybody I meet. What is it? A house?!

I want to know who lives here. Tock, tock, tock.Who lives here?


Mouse              - We live here. Frog, Dog, Cat, Cockerel, Fox and me. I am a Mouse.


Dog                  - Don’t shout. We are not afraid of you.


Fox                   - It’s my Godfather – Wolf.


Cockerel           - Well, and what then? He will eat me.


Wolf                  - Don’t afraid. I will seldom come into the house. I can bring wood and

water…. There my friend Bear comes up. Hey, my friend, come here.


Bear                   - How many of you! Do you live here? Where is the master? I want to

speak to the master.


Mouse                - I am. I am a mistress of this house. You must behave yourselves right.

Then you can live here.


Bear                    - Don’t worry, I understand. I am strong and big. I can protect you from



Wolf                    - All right, we will build a small house here for him and me.


Mouse                 - Excellent! And we will live friendly and happily.


Storyteller № 1   - Here is the end of the fairy-tail.


Storyteller  № 2  - Now let’s sing a song “Clap your hands”


Storyteller  № 1  - Please, help us and do movements.





Clap, clap, clap your hands,

Clap your hands together.

Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet,

Stamp your feet together.


Touch, touch, touch your nose,

Touch your nose together.

Pull, pull, pull your ears,

Pull your ears together.


Shake, shake, shake your hands,

Shake your hands together.

Smile, smile, smile your friends,

Smile your friends together.


Nod, nod, nod your head,

Nod your head together.

Clap, clap, clap your hands,

Clap your hands together.



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