Материалы для ЕГЭ. 9 класс. DAILY BREAD by O`Henry

I Read the article and answer your teacher’s questions.



Miss Martha was 40 years old but she was not married. She had her own shop where she bread, both fresh and stale which was cheaper.

There was a customer who called at her shop two or three times a week. The man was not young but he was very pleasant. He wore heap clothes but they always looked nice on him. He always brought stale bread and never fresh. Miss Martha decided that he was very poor.

She often thought of him and was always sorry that she couldn’t invite him to have dinner with her. She wanted to talk to him, to know more about him. She liked the man and began wearing her best dress. She wanted to help the ppr man but didn’t know how tot do it.

Once when her customer called on her to buy stale bread, Miss Martha had an idea and a good one, as she thought, to help him. She put some butter in the stale bread.

The next day two men came into the shop. One of them was her customer and the other – a young man. The customer was very angry and couldn’t speak to her. So the young man told Miss Martha everything. “We work together in the same office”, he said. “We use stale bread to take away to pencil lines from our plans.  We have worked at a plan of a new district for six months. We finished it this morning and began taking away pencil lines from it with your bread. You see, as there was butter in the bread the plan is good for nothing, and we can` t show this plan to anybody now.”

When the men left, Miss Martha went to her room, took off her best dress and put on her old one.






II Read the text and say how the British spend their holidays. Say how you usually spend your winter and summer holidays.

The British on Holiday

Schools close for the summer in the UK about the middle of July and open again at the beginning of September, so most families go on holiday in July and in August.

Many families go to the Mediterranean to get two weeks of the sun. The most popular destination in Europe is Spain. Outside Europe, Florida in the USA is the top destination.

Many families stay in the UK for their summer holidays. Popular seaside resorts are Scarborough and Blackpool, some places in Devon and Cornwell.

But even if the sun shines, the sea never gets very warm. A new alternative is to go to a leisure complex like Centre Parcs , which has heated swimming pools under a big glass dome and many indoor and outdoor activities like cycling, horse riding and archery.





III Speak to your teacher. You begin the conversation.


Your friend is in a bad mood. Ask him/her why he/she feels upset, and if you can help him/her.

Give him/her advice how to cope with the situation.



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