Подготовка к ГИА-2014. Black Taxis, Red Buses

I Read the article and answer your teacher’s questions.

Black Taxis, Red Buses Encyclopaedia Britannica

London has five airports in or near the city. The most important airport is Heathrow; it situated twenty four kilometres from the city centre. The city has eight big train stations, too. You can catch a train from London to Paris or Brussels now. Many people live outside London and come into the city for work every day. Children know about King’s Cross station because it is the train station in Harry Porter books.

In the UK people drive their own cars, that` s why the traffic is heavy on the roads. Drivers in the UK drive on the left side of the road! As there are a lot of cars in London, journey can take a very long time at the wrong time of day. But the city is famous for its black taxis and red buses. You can see some of London` s red buses today, and there are other buses, too. London’s taxi driver have to remember 25000 streets in London. Before they can start driving people, they study maps and drive round the city for about two years; have to answer difficult questions about the best ways across London.

You can move across London by the Underground. Londoners also call these underground trains ‘the Tube’. The London Underground is the oldest in the world. People first used it in 1863. Now it is about 410 kilometres long. There are three hundred stations, and some of them are nearly sixty metres under the streets.

You can, of course, walk around London! No cars or buses can go across London newest bridge. (1173)

II Read the text and say where people prefer to travel and why. Say if you like travelling, why/why not.



Have you ever had the desire to see the world and see what was out there? While some people prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home, others are looking forward to travelling and can't wait to explore the world. Exotic places call to them. "Come visit me and I will show you my mysteries," they say.

Every year millions of people pack their suitcases or put on backpacks and flock to visit the seven continents of the world. They wander through the castles and museums of Europe, and the cities and natural wonders of North and South America. Some visit the vast exotic cultures of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Why do people want to explore the world? It gives them a better perspective about the earth and the people living on it. It opens their minds, it gives them a feeling of accomplishment, and it makes them feel alive


III Speak to your teacher. You begin the conversation.

You’re visiting your foreign friend. Both of you want to join a sports club. Discuss what sport you’d like to take up and why. Choose the most convenient days to go to the sports club.



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